Making Friends and Growing Carrots

Fueling Up on Honey for Creatures 1 LessonsAfter a short detour towards the beginning of Krathlaysi’s life, we both managed to fly through her vocabulary lessons. It was quite clear that a little honey before the learning computer started up made a big difference! An empty stomach was no way to learn how to focus, and even just one taste from the honeypot made my Norns and Grendels very happy. Krathlaysi zeroed in on each word and made every effort to learn as quickly as possible. She was actually quite calm and quiet: Perhaps Athahain would find a quiet friend in her!

Bouncing Around the Albian GardenThe Albian ball brigade broke up for a short time, but it was back in full force! Hybralvao and Nildeleer liked watching, while Brekennion typically took charge of the bouncing. Hleengar walked away for a spell, and returned to find Brekennion carrying the ball around. The Santa Norn made a grab for it… And was promptly slapped. Brekennion was clearly in charge of this group! Despite the bouts of violence, everyone got along very well having to share a single toy.

An Adult Grendel and Norn at PlayMy only Norn who was not too keen about playing was Athahain, who had a more serious personality. It wasn’t long ago that Dahloi moved to the island, and suddenly everything happened at once! First, his tiny Grendel body grew tremendously in size as he became an adult. Second, and perhaps more importantly, he welcomed Athahain into the ball brigade! She wasn’t particularly playful, although she gave the toy a few exciting bounces. This looked like the beginning of a wonderful friendship between a Norn and Grendel. I wondered if Dahloi’s maturation made him a little calmer and easier to befriend!

Growing Carrots in AlbiaPerhaps the best part about everyone moving about as they did was the vitality of the carrot patch. I whisked some specimens off to be gobbled up from time to time, yet these carrots were thriving! I typically offer honey most of the time, since my Norns and Grendels often have issues with hunger, not nutrition. Carrots are excellent food sources, though, and it was a comfort to know I had plenty to dig up. A tip: Never leave carrots scattered about. This makes them difficult to track down!

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