Perfect Pictures and Tenacious Toxins

A Norn Deep in an Albian DreamThere was little left for Hleengar to do after he was left alone to figure out how to play on his own. Like many Norns, he followed a wise old saying: “When in doubt, take a nap!” His eyes closed and he showed off his skills at sleeping while standing up and holding a ball. I could just see in his dreams, bouncing around with his favorite toy. In reality, there was a dangerous illness brewing in his system. I watched the indication light up in the Observation Kit, and was thankful that no one else was nearby. The first instinct for anyone with a sick Creature is to set up an emergency quarantine.

A Very Unusual Norn IllnessI discovered just how strange Creatures 1 illnesses could be! Hleengar was infected with three unknown toxins (only two are pictured in the graph) and antigen 6. Since no histamines were present, he was not contagious nor did he show any outward symptoms. His nap was also just due to excellent sleeping habits, rather than sleep toxin. I watched the Science Kit track the progress of the illness… And things took a crazy turn! Everything started off normally, then Hleengar’s immune system couldn’t make up its mind. It went into overdrive producing antibody 6 before the toxins found their second wind. In all my years of studying Creature illnesses, this was the first time I saw this odd pattern! Nothing changed in Hleengar, either: He was either sleeping or standing still during the entire ordeal. The illness wasn’t finished yet.

Antibodies and Antigens at War in Creatures 1The Science Kit allowed me to continue monitoring the progress of the toxins. Everything returned to the same level before the strange event, and then Hleengar was finally ready to bid farewell to the unwanted chemicals! I kept a close watch even after it looked like it was finished. Luckily, there was no sign of antigen 6 and the unknown toxins afterwards. Had I not had the Observation Kit open, this illness likely would have passed by completely unnoticed. Hleengar’s life force suffered a bit, declining from 77% to 60%, though he was not in any serious danger. The Creatures 1 antigens and toxins typically follow predictable paths, and never warrant much study. This one made me wonder if it was just a one-time glitch, or if there was more to these highly disliked substances than previously thought.

Balancing a Honeypot On Top of a NornMy deeply ponderous mood was broken up by little Hybralvao, who still had yet to leave the nursery. She decided to put on an interesting show of skill as she balanced an empty honeypot on top of her head, with her eyes closed! Was there anything this group of Norns was not about to try out? The truth of the matter was that I snapped a photo at the perfect time when she was turning and moving the honeypot around, yet it still made for a funny moment! This fifth generation was turning into one of the best yet, with plenty of unique personalities. It was only a matter of time before the oldest Norn was an adult… Or a new baby hatched!

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