The Secret to a Creatures Naming Scheme

One of the most important elements of a Creatures world revolves around its naming scheme. Even the most perfectly laid out world can turn into a disaster without the right sort of names! Many players are talented in coming up with new names on the fly. Others, like myself, require certain details to be laid out ahead of time. In my own experience, poorly named Norns, Grendels, and Ettins can easily be forgotten! Coming up with a naming scheme provides that extra layer of uniqueness that makes a world all the more interesting. What sort of naming schemes have I used?

Norse Names

Long, long ago when I had one of my first documented Creatures 1 worlds, I relied on Norse names and mythological Norse names for my Norns and Grendels. These fit in perfectly with Creatures, since it contains many references to Norse mythology. I enjoyed the theme so much that I used it for the founding generation of my current Creatures 1 Norns! Even my original Grendels had Norse names. Those names included:

  • Male Norns: Arik, Folkvar, Ranulf, Truett, Valborg
  • Female Norns: Bera, Dagny, Eydis, Ingelill, Kari, Nordis, Signe
  • Grendels: Alfhild, Halvor, Idonea, Keir, Skuld

Norwegian Village Names

To go a step further with my second generation Norns, I decided to continue following in the footsteps of the Norse naming scheme, only with a twist! I discovered a lovely list of villages in Nordland, a county in Norway. Although I had to drop some of the accented characters, overall I was thrilled with these names! Even now, a number of the names still have plenty of memories attached to them. Those names included:

  • Male Norns (A-H): Arnes, Bringsli, Dragvik, Engan, Erikstad, Flakstad, Glein
  • Male Norns (I-Z): Inndyr, Innhavet, Kleppstad, Korgen, Mevik, Oppeid, Toften, Ure
  • Female Norns (A-H): Aldra, Bolga, Dalselv, Forvika, Grytting, Hopen, Husby
  • Female Norns (I-Z): Jetvika, Junkerdal, Leira, Nordmela, Pettvika, Ramsvika, Stokka, Valla, Ytteren

Chronicles of Prydain Character Names

Perhaps one of the easiest naming schemes to use is one based upon a favorite book or book series! Around the time of my third generation of Creatures 1 Norns, I had just finished reading through the Chronicles of Prydain. There were some slightly odd and humorous pairings if one followed the books closely, though it was still nice to bring those literary characters into the Creatures world. My Grendels even benefited! Those names included:

  • Male Norns: Coll, Dallben, Doli, Fflewddur, Gurgi, Gwydion, Kaw, Rhun, Taran
  • Female Norns: Angharad, Dwyvach, Eilonwy, Henwen, Llyan, Melyngar, Orddu, Orgoch, Orwen
  • Grendels: Achren, Adaon, Arianllyn, Ellidyr, Smoit

Bird Family and Species Names

Another excellent way of naming Creatures is to use a list of fairly uncommon names within a certain theme. I found a list of bird families that included the common names of birds, and it was an obvious goldmine! There were literally thousands of names to choose from, which made it both simple and difficult to choose. Having too many names is a far better problems than running out of names! Those names included:

  • Male Norns: Blackcap, Drongo, Hypocolius, Junco, Manakin, Pipit, Xenops
  • Female Norns: Astrapia, Cotinga, Euphonia, Niktava, Towhee, Whydah, Yuhina

Lapine Language Names

At the moment, the fifth generation of my Norns, as well as the new generation of Grendels, have featured some rather unusual names! They might sound like complete nonsense, yet sometimes obscurity makes Creatures even more interesting. These names are taken from the Lapine language, used in one of my favorite books, Watership Down. Bits’n’Bob-stones contains a wonderful translation guide! So far, these names (with translations) are:

  • Athahain: Heart song
  • Brekennion: Blackberry
  • Dahloi: Dandelion
  • Hleengar: Holly
  • Hybralvao: Shining hope
  • Krathlaysi: Two whiskers
  • Losthrayte: River water
  • Nildeleer: Winter bird

Alloy and Mineral Names

For my C3/DS world featuring Colortrue Gaius, I resorted to several lists of names that fit right in with the metallic theme! From the first through the fourth generation of Geats, I chose their names from a list of metallic alloys. When I started to run out of names I enjoyed on that list, owing to a vastly expanding Geat population, I moved onto a list of minerals. Perhaps they are not as metallic, yet they certainly add some flair to the names!

There are countless ways to name a population in any of the Creatures games. The trick, however, is choosing one that has both variety and uniqueness! Several times, I went down the path of making up names that had no meanings. This was not a terrible idea, yet I found that some names sounded very similar and not too much thought was put into the naming process. It all depends on the individual player! I may put together a list of names with meanings to be used a resource. I remember some older Creatures sites offering those back in the day, and they certainly were fun to look through! What sorts of naming schemes do you use in your Creatures worlds? Feel free to comment!

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