The Tale of the Toy Thief and Terrible Teacher

The Official Creatures 1 Ball ThiefMy Norns and Grendels turned out to be much more playful than usual, which made the limited number of toys in the world a point of contention. Hleengar endured a couple of slaps when he attempted to take the ball from Brekennion not too long ago. In a flash, he made a second attempt and ran off with that ball like a professional thief! Brekennion was quite upset about this sudden change in the chain of command, while Nildeleer was just wondering when she could play again. Silly little Hleengar!

Enjoying a Bit of Honey on the Creatures 1 BridgeThis main group of the Albian ball brigade was also made up of Hybralvao, although I took her up to the bridge for some quiet time. Some Norns can get a little too caught up in the excitement of social activities, which was exactly what happened to her! She was very upset until she had the opportunity to settle down with a honeypot all to herself. I could not help but spend a little extra time with Hybralvao! Actually, this was part of my strategy in staggering individual time with everyone. It seemed to work!

Examining Exhaustion and HungerOne of the important elements I wanted to look at was the Health Kit. In particular, I was curious about Hybralvao’s drives and how they might be affected by her sleep receptor mutation. It was unclear whether she would ever be able to enjoy sleep. Sure enough, her exhaustion (also known as tiredness) was quite high. However, I was pleased to see that she could still experience actual sleepiness. Hybralvao sensed that I was playing the doctor, and she politely laid down to rest her tired muscles. There was one particular sound I was hoping for, and she was kind enough to oblige! The sound of her snores echoed around, and she proved once and for all that she would be able to sleep during her life. All she needed was a break from the rambunctious masses to get herself in order! I was rather proud of her.

The Traveling Grendel and His ToyAthahain was a very serious Norn during her first hour, and she preferred to be alone than put up with the antics of the neverending playtime. Ever since Dahloi moved to the island, however, she was really coming out of her shell! He showed her the tried and tested method of bouncing a ball in the lift, which sent it shuddering and moving around erratically. It was perfect to show Athahain how fun life was! There was no holding them back from enjoying this little offshoot of the main group. They even had their own small cache of honey!

A Happy Grendel with a Bunch of CarrotsWhereas Dahloi was already a strapping young adult Grendel, Nildeleer was still very happy being a child. My perfectly tended carrot patch was soon in shambles, and the guilty party could not have looked more joyful! Some Creatures used to rip up the carrots and just throw them all over the place. Not Nildeleer! She had far more sense, and ate everything she picked. It was likely only a matter of minutes before she was a healthy adult, ready to take on the rest of Albia!

A Norn and Her Very Important RestJust one Norn was left out of the festivities. Little Krathlaysi was still just a newborn, although she managed to catch the attention of the thieving Hleengar. He decided to try to teach her a few things about the world… And he managed to promptly make her completely uninterested in food and miserable. Not exactly the mentor type! I gently coaxed her to the teleporter in the garden, and we spent some necessary quiet time near the learning computer. Krahtlaysi refused to eat for a bit, courtesy of Hleengar’s terrible lessons. She was back to practically drinking honey in no time, though!

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