Trending Colors in the Colortrue Gaius

Hidden Among the Spigot PlantsThere was a bit of suspensful egg crackling that concluded my last visit to Docking Station, which meant that I had a new face to welcome into the world! Bazzite was the son of Electrum and Inconel. It was difficult for me to get a good look at my newest Geat, for he was very happy hiding behind the spigot plants and trying to stay hidden! Bazzite was very curious about these unusual metallic plants: He craned his neck to find out what they looked like at their highest height, and he blinked wonderingly at the drops of water that fell from them. He needed a little more time before he wanted to make friends, which was probably a good decision!

Sharing the Maternal Bond with a Baby GeatCelestrium guarded Bazzite’s egg for the longest time when she believed it to be her egg. When hers hatched a few minutes later, however, I wondered if she had intuitively known what her baby would look like! Cryolite was the daughter of Glucydur and Celestrium. Just to show that she had some mothering skills, Inconel also stayed nearby the newly hatched Colortrue Gaius. Bazzite and Cryolite formed some of the more unique coloring in this population. I never knew I would see white gold!

The Light and Bright GeatsAs if they sensed their connection, Bazzite and Cryolite soon made their way to one another. Ultimet also joined them, for she fit into their specific color scheme! Creatures are color blind and have no way of choosing a mate based on pigments, although it would be interesting if there was a way to make that possible! Then the Colortrue genetics would be a little less random, and would come from the Geats’ decisions. Alas, it just wishful thinking! Hiduminium also wished he could be a different color to blend in…

A Colortrue Gaius in a Lonely SituationFive generations of Geats had successfully lived within this world, yet there were a few who seemed to be left behind. For whatever reason, Duralumin was all alone in one area of the Banshee Bridge. He had plenty of food to keep him happy! Yet it was the social side that he was missing out on. He peered at me with those deep, dark eyes as he examined his situation. There was little I really needed to do: Several Geats were not all that far away! However, this made me wonder if isolation like this could erase a specific color from the gene pool. Duralumin was the last Geat with a reddish tint. He seemed determined to find a friend, though, so I left him to go on his merry way. Good luck, Duralumin!

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