What’s Next for Discover Albia?

Planning Ahead for More Creatures FunEver since I fixed my Creatures 1 game, I rediscovered my zest for artificial life and all that Creatures represents. There was a rather extended absence for Discover Albia, but I’m hoping to leave that in the past! I stopped playing everything except C1 so that I could focus on simply playing the game I love. It’s work out rather nicely! However, I have a feeling that readers are looking for some more varied content. I have some very old projects that should have been finished years ago. They’re going to receive some much needed attention in the coming months! What else does the future hold for Discover Albia? Plenty! I’ll be returning to old features, and branching out into other areas. Some of these plans and projects to expect in the near future include:

  • All Games: Coverage of my worlds in all of the Creatures games, not just Creatures 1
  • Community Focus: Several posts each month to highlight recent community happenings and releases
  • Genetics Lessons: A return to regular lessons focused on Creatures genetic concepts
  • More Videos: Comprehensive content for tutorials and actual gameplay experiences
  • New Resources: An easy area to find my downloads, a list of Creatures naming themes, and more
  • Norn Project: Progress and a goal to complete my major overhaul of Creatures 1 Norn sprites
  • Story Time: More chapters from the currently featured Creatures story and more fiction
  • Surprise Additions: Special events to keep Creatures players engaged and interested in the games

Exploring More Possibilities for CreaturesThat last mention of the special events is very much tied in with the responses to the current Discover Albia survey. Make sure to add your opinion to the mix before the deadline of April 10, 2015! The submissions so far have been extremely helpful, and everyone is welcome to participate. There are plenty of ways that Creatures can continue to be enjoyed and expanded upon. More importantly, artificial life has the potential to teach some very important lessons! Then again, playing the games just for the fun of it also has its merits. I hope that my own playing style and goals are interesting enough to read about, yet Discover Albia is here primarily to get others interested in the games. Get ready for much more, and always play to discover all that Albia has to offer!

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