A Photoshop Palette and Swatch for Creatures 1

Working with the Limitations of Creatures 1 ImagesWith my work on so many new Creatures 1 egg sprite sets, I learned a few things about working with C1 images. For one, there is a specific palette file that defines 256 colors within the game. Use any other colors, and the game attempts to guess the closest colors. I learned that lesson the hard way with my Easter Egg Sprites! Fortunately, I was able to get by with a visual representation of the colors in the COE. However, things were still not exactly the way they should be. An enormous thanks goes to Romy, who posted on Facebook with the offer to share a Photoshop color swatch of the 256 colors in Creatures 1. Now, that download is available to all C1 developers!

Download the Creatures 1 Photoshop Development Files

Download the Creatures 1 Photoshop Development FilesThis set of files should make spriting much more approachable! My egg sprite sets may have seemed pretty silly and not too exciting, but I posted those to show how easy recoloring sprites can be. That was how I started out, and here I am delving into CAOS! The point is that anyone can learn how to make some changes for Creatures 1, and recoloring sprites with this palette and swatch can be just the beginning! The main file to use in the download is the .aco file, which can act as a palette and swatch. This brilliant effort comes directly from Romy, who was kind enough to give me permission to share it. I only take credit for writing up the Readme and spending a few minutes creating the .ACT file! Instructions are included for how to use these files in Photoshop. If there are any questions, feel free to post away: I would be happy to help anyone get started with these. Spriting can be tedious work, yet a simple recoloring project is actually pretty fun to do! Enjoy!

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