Beneath the Sea: A C3/DS Underwater World Video

A Few Final Considerations for Beginning an Underwater WorldWith just a few final preparations to finish up the plans for my underwater Creatures Docking Station world, I wanted to share a couple of advanced options with everyone! What better way than with a video? There was a recent discussion about the metarooms and agents to be used in this world. Some elements, like CA links, are sometimes forgotten. This video features a tutorial for making teleporters “float” in various areas of the water, while also covering the importance of CA links. Put to extensive use is Amaiakokonut’s Magic Words Room Edits module. Hopefully there are some useful tips and a few laughs!

A Hint of What to Expect in Creatures Docking StationAs with all of my world concepts, feel free to use these suggestions in any way you like! The breeds I’ve chosen to use will still remain a mystery, yet I snapped a photo of a few very interesting underwater Norns. Pretty! There are a few odd issues with body parts, but nothing to make me drop any of the breeds. Keep an eye out for the official start of this world in all its underwater glory, and enjoy this video! There should be more videos coming out on a regular basis, both for C1 and C3/DS, plus a brand new Discover Albia feature centered around video answers!

Customizing an Underwater Creatures World: CA Links and More

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