The Updated Creatures 1 Easter Egg Sprites

A Much Needed Update to a Creatures DownloadI imagine no one has been jumping out of their seats regarding the plethora of Creatures 1 egg sprite sets, yet this final one is one of my favorites! I released the first version a little over a year ago, yet I failed to take into account the limited 256 color palette. Although they looked nice outside of the game, they looked very different in C1. Today, I am pleased to announce an update to the Creatures 1 Easter Egg Sprites! This screenshot shows exactly how they appear in the game, in all their colorful glory. Make sure to update the old set!

Download the Creatures 1 Easter Egg Sprites (Version 2.0)

The Result of an Incorrect Creatures Color PalettePictured here is what the first version looked like in Creatures 1. The update was definitely necessary! This marks the end of the current egg sprite set craze, although I imagine there will be other recolored sprites available for download in the future. Don’t forget to check out the candy shell, chocolate, and jelly bean egg sprite sets, too! Recolored sprites are not too difficult to manage, and I will be posting some resources to help anyone who would like to try this out. For now, enjoy these colorful egg sprites for Easter, a special day, or anytime!

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