An Expected Loss in Albia and Norn Mischief

Bidding Farewell to a Wonderful NornIn the flash of an eye, Hybralvao made it to exactly 12 hours and 30 minutes old and left the land of the living. She was so very happy right up until the end, and it was far less sad than I expected. Of course I missed her immediately, yet it was a fitting end to a wonderful life. Hybralvao left behind six unhatched eggs. Her legacy was safe for generations to come! I suppose her very last thought was “drop Hybralvao” owing to her recent obsession with telling everything to drop. I had to smile a bit at that thought! Farewell, dear Hybralvao, and may you always bring some humor to everyday life.

A Sudden Reaction to a Bad PlantAlbia was down to just four Norns, and Pfeffablel wasn’t exactly representing the intelligence factor… She was recovering from her last pregnancy, and decided to eat everything in sight. That, of course, included every weed she could find! She felt pretty awful all of a sudden, seemingly for unknown reasons. I got her back on track with some carrots and lemons. Judging by Pfeffablel’s curiosity, though, she seemed ready to wolf down anything that wasn’t good for her! At least she was still healthy in general and in good spirits.

A Very Busy Grendel and His TravelsWell, well! I found an unexpected guest near the temple while Pfeffablel tried her hand at music. It was Dahloi! My lone Grendel was quite the traveler, going back and forth from the island to the garden, then under the garden, and back again. Quite a path he decided to take! He appeared to enjoy gifting his presence to a Norn or group of Norns for a short time before he headed off in search of something else. This time, he had a very toothy Grendel smile to share! Although he might have been missing his love, Nildeleer, he was able to have some fun.

A Norn and a Cart Ride in Creatures 1Preetar decided that his sole form of entertainment would come from the cart beneath Albia’s ocean. He was actually very patient, which was surprising for a Norn! This generation reached the point where it was rapidly coming to a close. The future updates may be a little more spaced out, only to give me the chance to capture as many good memories as I can! There are, after all, a handful of inevitable deaths to punctuate the end of this generation. I also wanted to give fair warning that once these Norns, as well as Dahloi, have passed away, my Creatures 1 focus will be on getting some projects done. The next generation of Norns will be delayed, but rest assured that this time will be spent getting some important stuff done! More about that soon!

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