Bringing Back the Old Gaius Releases

Download a Creatures 3 and Docking Station Gaius UpdateIn the midst of collecting and reorganizing my creations, I realized that many were never given a proper spot here at Discover Albia! Although some of my downloads can be found elsewhere, I am in the process of updating the Readme files and making some other minor changes as I make them available here. Older versions downloaded elsewhere should be unchanged from a gameplay standpoint, although I will make note of any actual changes to the core download. A small update can be found in the Updated Gaius Genome, released during the CCSF 2013. It basically changes a few genes so that Gaius are more apt to interact and kisspop with their own species.

Download the C3/DS Updated Gaius Genome

Adding a Bit of Color to Creatures GeatsProbably a more interesting Gaius-related release from the CCSF 2013 were the Colortrue Gaius! Both of these downloads are based off of Ghosthande’s Gaius breed, which is a wonderful addition to C3/DS! This original pack of Colortrue Gaius use the Colortrue concept from Ylukyun, which means that their colors mix throughout the generations. Included are eight metallic varieties whose genomes include the changes from the Updated Gaius Genome mentioned above. Just remember that Geats cause the wasteland glitch, which changes room types to atmosphere when their eyes meet.

Download the C3/DS Colortrue Gaius

These downloads would fit in quite well with the recently released DS Protective Tub Robots Name List. Keep an eye out for more updated downloads, as well as a central location to find them all! After that, new releases should be even easier to find… And hopefully that means that there will be more of them for everyone to enjoy! That’s just one new feature in the works. Given a little more time, there will be a few other fun activities here at Discover Albia!

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