Download Two Exclusive Creatures Prize Agents

Sharing an Exclusive Creatures PrizeI recently started putting together a number of previous downloads to make sure that it would be easy to find them. Today, I have a couple of other Creatures downloads, including one that was never released to the public! I won the Survivor Coconut Dolly for winning Survivor in 2012, and Ghosthande of Breeders Beware was kind enough to create this unique prize agent. She was released previously, yet in a different file format. Now the Survivor Coconut Dolly can be downloaded in a simple .zip file, free to invade any C3/DS world! This agent is quite decorative, yet it can also be interacted with. Why not try her out? I had a blast when I had her all to myself, yet Coconut Dolly is here to entertain everyone!

Download the C3/DS Survivor Coconut Dolly

The Platinum Halo of Immortality for CreaturesI nearly forgot all about my prize from the CCSF 2011, when I won the caption contest. Again, Ghosthande was generous enough to craft a completely unique agent solely for the competition winners. Some may be familiar with Cupid’s Halo, but what about the Platinum Cupid’s Halo? This one works in the same way, granting immortality to its wearer, but it now allows two different Creatures to enjoy those benefits! This agent stops the aging process, keeping a Creature the same age for as long as the halo is worn. Remember that it injects in the Norn Meso near Muco, so that it will only work in Docking Station or a docked world.

Download the DS Platinum Cupid’s Halo

Enjoy these prize agents! All credit goes to Ghosthande for putting in the time and effort to create them. I’m merely making sure that these exclusive prize agents won’t ever be lost! More updated downloads will be coming to Discover Albia soon, and that central location to find everything is getting closer to completion. Check back for more updates soon!

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