The Albian Island of Terror

Two Norns and Another EggLeave it to Preetar and Zelroo to turn into a pair of dependable Norns! Their last encounter resulted in an egg, and they decided to repeat the event. Preetar was still quite a slap-happy guy, although he was pretty thrilled about his role in this whole parenthood thing. Zelroo was left with the main responsibility of incubating an egg. She had been attacked by antigens a few times: It wasn’t an easy job! At least Preetar had his violence under control, for the moment. He left Zelroo alone, while she took a couple of naps and just enjoyed the warm island on Albia.

Navigating a Troubling Time for One NornHowever, the seas around the island were turning out to be pretty stormy. The main cause wasn’t anything weather-related: It was Thrennion. Just as Zelroo started working on her new egg, an illness chose Thrennion as its host. I supposed that it was lucky that my pregnant Norn was left alone, but Thrennion had just entered a phase where he didn’t want to eat. His genetic mutations didn’t explain it, yet I figured it was another case of confusing food scripts. With any luck, my future generations won’t suffer the consequences of strange carrots and the like! I was a little preoccupied for a short time, but I realized that Thrennion’s life force was falling pretty quickly. Time to meet this troublemaking invader.

A Creatures Illness of Stormy ProportionsIt was a hideous sight. This thing was contagious, even though I sent Thrennion across the sea on his own. I had to check on my Grendel, Dahloi, since he was exposed to a whole lot of coughing. Luckily, this illness was happy with Thrennion, and only Thrennion. The trouble was that antigen 3 took a long time to fight off, and this required a good deal of glucose. Remember that illnesses don’t usually kill Norns: It’s the production of antibodies that steals all of the energy from them. Since Thrennion wasn’t eating, his body was breaking down glycogen to turn into glucose. I was in a real battle, complete with some actual yelling! It can be so frustrating to try to save a Norn who won’t eat a single food item. I was frustrated, but it was all up to Thrennion. Would he finally reach out and eat something?

A Norn and His Difficult Road to RecoveryOn the docks, Thrennion waged his own battle. He started to come around and show an interest in food, yet his constant coughing made him spin in circles just when he wanted to take a bite. It was maddening! Down went his life force to 30%, and there was still a long way to go. I kept trying, though, and he finally started to eat a couple of carrots! Without the two or three he ate, death would have been the result of this illness. Not this time, antigens! Thrennion was still in need of extra care, but I was happy that he would be able to go on with his life. Make sure to wish him a speedy recovery as he works on getting well, and eating!

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