The Creatures Hive: A New Video Series

A New Video Feature at Discover AlbiaAbout a month ago, I posted the Creatures activity survey results, which included general community questions and a few related to features specific to Discover Albia. Today, I’m pleased to introduce the newest feature: The Creatures Hive! This is a short video series designed to answer Creatures-related questions in under five minutes. Where do those questions come from? You! Sometimes a text-based response isn’t the most exciting, nor useful, and many questions are better suited to a video format. The Creatures Hive will use almost exclusively user-generated questions, provided enough “swarm” in! These can be real Creatures questions, or silly questions about Creatures or Discover Albia. Ask away!

A Video Series for Creatures Questions

The Creatures Hive and the Busy Buzzing BeesDepending on the number of submitted questions, I hope to release a few videos each week. These won’t be the marathon ones that have typically been out there: I’m challenging myself to be as clear and concise as possible. Not every question will be answered, so please don’t take offense if you don’t see yours featured. Some things I simply may not know, yet I will try to address these types of questions in other ways. I hope that the Creatures Hive will be a useful resource for all types of Creatures players, and that the videos will prove to be entertaining! Check back soon for the first video!

Many may also notice the new banners featured on the main links. These were designed as a throwback to the old days of Creatures sites with simple text and a few images from within the game! Another major feature for the Creatures community is in the works, and more information should be posted later this month. This is also related to the survey results, only it’s on a much bigger scale than the Creatures Hive. What could it be? More details soon!

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