Digging Out a Couple of Old Downloads

Finding a Solitary Creatures 2 DownloadI’ve been working on updating a few of my rather old downloads and moving them over to Discover Albia. Many of them were so minor that I doubt anyone needed a reminder about them, but I do love to keep things organized! Way back during the CCSF 2011, I released an updated version of the Creatures 2 Canny Ettins. Believe it or not, that was my only contribution to Creatures 2, and Ettins! This relatively simple update fixed one of their genes so that they would be able to naturally reproduce. Make sure to check out the Readme file for important details!

Download the Creatures 2 Updated Canny Ettin

Mix Norns and Grendels with the Unique GrornsOne of my greatest achievements in the spriting department was the release of the Creatures 1 Grendel with all of its updates. Grendel Man suggested I port over the fixes to the Creatures 1 Grorns, which were released during the CCSF 2012. Now, they can easily be downloaded directly from Discover Albia! Grorns occupy Norn breed slot 9, so be aware that they will clash with any other breeds using that slot. They do open up the possibility for unique crosses, though! Have fun with them!

Download the Creatures 1 Updated Grorn

I noticed a small issue with one of my other downloads that was going to be included here. Just need to work on fixing that up, and then everything listed on the Downloads page should be available here at Discover Albia!

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