Ridiculous Antigen Escapades in Albia

Albian Antigens on the Warpath AgainRidiculous. It was what my Creatures 1 world had turned into! I got a little preoccupied with my carrot updates, but not enough to keep me away from my last two Norns, Thrennion and Zelroo. Surprisingly, Zelroo met up with Thrennion in the garden, where he had settled in after his latest brush with death. The antigens seemed to be drawn to him, and I was about to find out that they weren’t done accosting him. Thrennion started to cough. Again. This time, the illness had the pleasure of actually enjoying its contagious nature. Poor Zelroo closed her eyes as she let forth a violent cough.

A Crazy Time with Creatures 1 ToxinsThere wasn’t a whole lot of drama surrounding this illness. We were all very familiar with what would be a very dangerous combination of toxins. This one barely scratched the surface. Thrennion rebounded quite quickly, seeing as he was well versed in this sort of catastrophe! Zelroo took a little longer, since the whole idea of coughing was foreign to her. She struggled to eat for a short time, although part of that was from the original carrots… She kept focusing on the seedlings, which wasn’t doing her any good! Although their lives were rather solitary and boring, I had a pang of sadness as I realized that these would be my last Norns before I started doing some serious project work for Creatures 1. As much as I wanted to jump into spriting, there was a part of me that was going to miss seeing these silly Norns for a time. They weren’t done living just yet, though!

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