Save 70% Off the Creatures Games at GOG

Buy the Creatures Games at a DiscountExcellent news for anyone in need of the Creatures games: GOG is having a limited time weekend sale where all of the Creatures games are 70% off! The Blast from the Past includes a number of classic games that are only on sale for a limited time. It’s quite nice to see the Creatures series included in the list, and at such large discounts! I still remember the days of saving up to afford the games when they came out. The strategy guides were originally priced at $19.99 USD, so this sale is definitely one to take advantage of! Each game is priced at $1.79 USD, meaning the whole series can be purchased for $5.37 USD… Need I say more? This is a wonderful chance to get some potential players to try out Creatures. The games may be older, yet they’re still very relevant to modern gaming.

Buy and Download the Original Creatures GamesWhere to start? Creatures: The Albian Years is often a good place to get introduced to the series. However, not every type of player may enjoy the flow of C1 and C2, nor the rather limited customization. Creatures Exodus has a lot more in terms of customizing a world, and includes breeds who can live pretty independently. Already have the GOG versions? I usually keep a supply of gift codes for the Creatures games, particularly as future prizes. Make sure to spread the word about the sale: New players still join our community, and it’s always awesome to meet new Creatures players!

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