And the Next C1 Project is…

Following the Resounding Choice of the MajorityI planned to run the current poll a little while longer, yet the majority seems to have spoken up quite quickly! It seems like everyone would prefer updates to the honey ahead of the cheese, which works for me! I only threw the cheese option out there in case there might have been a secret population of cheese lovers who really wanted some minor updates. Fixing up the honey isn’t terribly involved, unlike what had to happen with the carrots and lemons. This is good news for everyone! The only downside is that this coincides with a very busy time for me outside of Creatures. My free time will be limited, but this project will forge on!

A Quick Look at the Original Creatures HoneyOne of the improvements I plan to include is a redesign of the actual honeypot. To be clear, this is going to be an alternate version: The final download will include two different sprite files so that you can choose to stick with the original, or use the new version. It dawned on me the other day that the honeypot is one of the only objects in Albia that uses English text. Or maybe it’s the only one? I also find it a little strange because Norns and Grendels only ever learn the word for the food category. Thanks for voting, and get ready to follow along with this project in the near future!

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