Windows 10 and Creatures

The GOG Creatures Games and Windows 10With the release of Windows 10, many of us may be wondering whether the Creatures games work on this new operating system. Fortunately, GOG released a news article yesterday about how 85% of the catalog is Windows 10 compatible. Even better: All of the Creatures games are on this list! This doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be hiccups or issues, yet this is wonderful news for the future.

A New Operating System to Play Creatures OnCreatures: The Albian Years and Creatures Exodus are still not officially compatible with Windows 8, and there have been plenty of players who experienced problems. Hopefully this comes as a pleasant surprise for those making a quick switch to Windows 10! Over a decade later, and we can still enjoy Creatures on newer operating systems. Thanks, GOG, and thanks to Malkin for mentioning this important news!

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Update: Creatures: The Albian Years is no longer listed as being compatible with Windows 10. Be sure to check the listed system requirements and operating systems for each game, as these can change over time!

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