Examining Norn Mutations in Artemiidae

Finding the Perfect Spot to Hatch Aquatic NornsAn aquatic world in C3/DS, like Artemiidae, requires a few important adjustments. In the last chapter, I mentioned how a number of baby Norns passed away shortly after being imported. There were a few genetic mutations that made life impossible to sustain for long, yet I soon found out that the culprit was none other than myself. Out of 50 imported Creatures, 12 perished after a few minutes. Nine of these were Coral Reef ChiChi Norns, or related mixes. Between all of the breeds in this world, they are unique in the fact that they can only breath water. Where did genius over here hatch them? In the Norn Meso. Surrounded by air. Yet there were some legitimate fatal mutations:

Mulberry Leerii

A female Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn, and a fraternal twin to Thistle Paru

Missing: 147 Emb B MutDupCut Organ# = 6, Creature, Sensorimotor, Permanently active, chem=Air, thresh=0, samp=20, gain=56, features=Analogue

I haven’t had many omitted genes, yet this one spelled disaster for poor Mulberry Leerii. This vital chemical emitter is active at all times, and injects a set amount of air. Clearly without the ability to chemically recognize air, there would be no chance of producing oxygen over an extended period of time. Rest in peace, little Norn.

Thistle Paru

A female Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn, and a fraternal twin to Mulberry Leerii

Default: 150 Emb B MutDupCut Organ# = 6, 1*Water + 1*Air => 3*Oxygen; half-life = 47
Mutation: 150 0 Emb B MutDupCut Organ# = 6, 1*Water + 1*Air => 2*Oxygen; half-life = 47

In a nutshell, Thistle Paru’s body could not produce enough oxygen to keep her alive. Water and air combined correctly, yet produced only 2/3 of the necessary oxygen. Although she could produce oxygen, there just wasn’t enough of it in her system to keep her alive. Quite a sad case, since she was an otherwise lovely little Norn.

Getting Ready for a New Artemiidae ChapterIt was strange to discover that a pair of fraternal twins had two separate fatal mutations. Yet the more important lesson was the fact that I needed to hatch every egg in an underwater area to reduce the risk of losing another. With the size of Artemiidae, I plan to hatch every egg in an isolated region before exporting the resulting baby. Another possibility is to use Magic Words Room Edits to make the Norn Meso an underwater room. In any event, get ready for a new chapter of Artemiidae that should be out this week! There are plenty of interesting Norns and Grendels to watch!

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