The End of a Lull in Creatures Activity

An Autumn Hibernation without CreaturesThe wonderful thing about Creatures is that one can take a break from playing for months without anything ever changing. That token doesn’t hold true for actually posting updates, though! Discover Albia went quiet out of the blue, for no apparent reason. I simply lost a little bit of interest, and then suddenly two months flew by. Apologies to everyone who visits on a regular basis and was left with absolutely nothing new to read, nor watch. I suppose I was hiding out with Borland and getting ready for the fish to come by! I took a break from Creatures partially because some other hobbies took up more time, and partially because I had some rude things said about me in the community. Openly calling someone a stupid person is not nice. Politics aside, the good news is that I missed out on a few important pieces of news that I wanted to share. Better yet, Discover Albia will be returning to a normal posting schedule again! Important events include:

  • Creature Developer Resources Restored by Gameware Europe: Many official downloads were restored over the summer, but now all of the developer resources and tools are back! The design and link structure are a bit broken, but I will include a list of updated links for the most important downloads in the near future. For now, the main CDN site is back up, and changing the main domain of most links should get them working!
  • Creatures Online Not Slated for a November Release: There were all sorts of rumors flying around in August about Creatures Online coming out in November 2015. I am still waiting for a reply from my contact at BigBen Interactive. No official source ever confirmed this date. Although I’m not particularly supportive of this game, I think it’s important to share the correct information. Anything I hear about officially will be shared with all!

Books and More from the Albia of Creatures 2What have I been doing all this time? Amazingly, I haven’t touched Creatures. I think a lull in interest happens to most players, but in my case, it means that I’m excited to play again and finish up some projects! I ended up finding a great deal of inspiration to write. I have no plans to do anything more than to enjoy writing for myself, yet it’s been a wonderful experience. If only there was enough time in the day to devote to writing and Creatures! Perhaps the two will come together again as I try to pick up the story I started long ago. I’m still caught in the clutches of my imagination, yet Discover Albia and its readers will be getting the love and attention they deserve!

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