Creating a Creatures World Story

The Concept of Building a World StoryWhen I started thinking about planning a new C3/DS world, I had no idea that I would end up with Artemiidae. I often am asked questions about creating a new world, which typically encompasses the agents, breeds, and metarooms. Yet there is something else I’ve forgotten to mention: The world story. Huh? Many players likely aren’t writers, or don’t see the value in using a little imagination and creativity. Coming up with a backstory for a Creatures world definitely isn’t necessary, so don’t fear if you’ve never tried this exercise! My biggest problem with C3/DS is the way I’ve always felt disconnected to the worlds. I might be able to customize them however I choose, but throwing together a bunch of agents often feels like I’m just placing objects at random. These are the worlds I abandon after a short while because I feel like they’re just… There. Enter the construction of a world story!

Guess what? You’ve likely built a story without even knowing it. Think about the last world you created that really stuck with you. Did you just make a list of things, or did you have an idea in mind? Let’s use the concept of an underwater world as an example. How did it come to be like this? You might answer with, “It was flooded.” Guess what? That’s a story! Maybe the aquatic plants in the world evolved over time, or a Shee ship dropped a few engineered eggs with amphibious DNA. I went so far as to construct a short story about the history of Artemiidae. It’s not the greatest piece of fiction, yet it makes me feel much closer to this world. I’m not just watching some pretty Norns swim around: I’m witnessing the survivors of the prideful Shee and making sure they thrive!

Connecting to a Creatures World with a StoryThe beauty of the Creatures universe is that it can encompass anything: The official history is quite vague, leaving limitless possibilities. Remember that you have no direct control over what happens in the present and future of your world, but you control the entire history of it. Perhaps the story of the Shee works for you, and makes you feel connected. Awesome! If you’re like me and struggle to really enjoy a new world, take a moment to think of the history and what your role is. There’s no need to be a creative writer, either. A sentence or two is all you may need!

I would be happy to provide some examples and possible story construction ideas for Creatures. Feel free to ask away if you’re interested! Writing stories is something I enjoy, but I have more fun inspiring others to get started. Building a world story could be just the thing to help you enjoy the Creatures games even more! Never feel like you could never create a decent story: Everyone has their own wonderful tale to weave!

Images Credited to Gameware Europe

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