Defying Time to Play Creatures Again

The Wonderful Function of Time in AlbiaIf the real world could function like Albia, with its fantastic pause feature, things would be a whole lot better! I’ve been struggling to find any time for Creatures in the past few weeks, even though I was determined to post a quick followup to the newest Artemiidae video. Alas, I’ve been forced to watch the hours tick by without any chance to play! In many ways, I feel guilty when I don’t have any new content. I know there are a lot of wonderful people who enjoy my silly ramblings, and not having the time gets to me at times! Yet I don’t think anyone deserves videos from a burned out blogger who’s trying to squeeze in some playtime just before falling asleep. Or maybe that would result in even worse than normal jokes…

The Rare Positivity That Comes From Missing CreaturesLife is busy, but I think part of me is really starting to miss Creatures 1. I didn’t hatch the next generation so I could move forward with some projects. The main one to fix the body data files and sprites didn’t get anywhere, although I am proud of the updated carrots and updated lemons. The fixes for the honey will be coming, but I think I need a sprinkling of C1 Norns and Grendels to really inspire me to play! Artemiidae is wonderful in its own way, yet I’m sure everyone has a favorite game in the Creatures series. Not playing it for awhile can make it all the better, but one can only go so long! I’m hoping to clear my schedule a little bit in the coming weeks and get back to rambling on about my beloved Creatures!

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