Diving Back into Creatures Docking Station

Chapter 9 in the Creatures of Artemiidae SeriesCan it be? Is there finally a new video about Artemiidae? One Norn looked at me in pure disbelief, since the last chapter was posted over two months ago. I can happily confirm that there is finally a new Creatures Docking Station video from this underwater world! Everyone grew up in the interim, setting me up for a whole lot of darting and diving about. Funny how a world can go from completely uninterested in the next generation to determined to overpopulate every area! We successfully made it through, aside from a few blundering and useless remarks from yours truly.

The Unique and Calming Atmosphere of a Creatures WorldI sometimes worry that a new update will seem frantic with how much I want to cover, yet it’s always fun for me to realize how relaxing this world is! Artemiidae can be a very tragic place with its own stories of sadness, yet I find that the swimming Norns and Grendels tend to have a more calming effect. I would even guess that having a world purely with fish and other critters would be the ultimate way to enjoy C3/DS without any worries! Being able to customize the music adds even more. The lives of Creatures, chaotic or calm, will always strike a balance for me, though! Enjoy this new video chapter of Artemiidae, and stay tuned for more regular updates!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 9

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