The Art of Tracing Creatures History

Planning Ahead in ArtemiidaeThe most recent chapter in the Artemiidae video series set me up for a bit of work with hatching the many eggs that the Norns and Grendels are leaving for me! The easiest thing to do would be to allow these eggs to hatch in their own time, and just let the generations mix together. However, I’ve found that this method usually leads to overpopulation and a rather miserable, crowded world. With the right genetics, though, this is a wonderful way to enjoy C3/DS! I enjoy a little more planning. It can be a royal pain in the neck, taking up precious time and just feeling monotonous… Yet it’s all worth it! It might not be the prettiest way to keep up with a world’s history, but it works quite well for me.

Historically Speaking in the Creatures GamesProbably the best agent for this purpose is the Creatures History Update, created by Zzzzoot. It completely overhauls this in-game screen, and provides a good deal of additional information. I recommend it for an improved experience within C3/DS! Its biggest downside is that it exists only within the game: There is no way to access the data outside of the game and take a look at it quickly. Colorless Alfaro was kind enough to pose and lend some of her information as an example! Each event can connect various Creatures together, which can make for an interesting journey. Sometimes it’s fun just to click through to find out who’s related to who! Then again, the operative word is “click” because only one screen can be viewed at a time. Imagine trying to trace back the lineage of a 10th generation Norn… The icons are quite easy to understand, but they don’t show any special events. Notice anything unusual about the life event icons pictured here? Think about it carefully, knowing that at least one other event played into it. If it was possible to go through these screens with the game paused, I think it would be an awesome experience. As it is, life goes on in the background, and if you’re carefully monitoring things in a world, there isn’t much time to enjoy this process. I check it only to confirm the fathers of unhatched eggs, and then I scramble back to find out what I missed!

Following Through the Generations of Norns and GrendelsAlthough it can hardly be deemed art, I use a spreadsheet to track every birth and death. It’s quite ugly, in many ways! Yet at a glance, I can find important information and know when I want to hatch a new egg. I’m still experimenting with the exact format and data presentation… One always must try and learn new things!

Recording and Remembering a Creatures Docking Station WorldIf I can create something that works well and looks decent, I might upload it and keep it updated. Visual family trees can be a nightmare, even though I would love to use one! The trouble is the polygamous nature of Creatures… A group of four males and four females can make one tangled mess. Just imagine what a family tree would look like after a few generations! This spreadsheet takes up time, but it can be accessed quickly. How many children does a Norn have? That’s easy to find. I’m even keeping track of twins, since any type of data can be recorded. Some type of automatic program for this would be awesome, but for now, I enjoy tracing Artemiidae’s history in this way!

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