Download the Updated Creatures 1 Carrot Variant

The Updated Version of Another Creatures 1 CarrotThis time of year must be a busy one for everyone! The latest beta testing opportunity resulted in no volunteers, so there was only one thing to do… Release the updated C1 carrot variant! Although it may not have gone through the beta testing process, I’ve been bouncing these carrots around for weeks. They seem quite safe! They use virtually identical scripts to the updated C1 carrot, aside from the bouncing mechanic. This was overhauled, particularly to make bouncing a food item not so confusing. The original carrot variant basically rewarded a Creature for dropping a food item with a decent boost of NFP decrease and boredom decrease. Although not a major problem, this could lead to Creatures learning that dropping a food item would be the best way to relive these drives. Yikes! This download includes the following fixes and changes:

  • Amount of Chemicals: There are no longer any chemicals injected when a carrot variant is dropped
  • Bouncing Benefits: All nearby Creatures now experience a slight decrease to NFP and boredom with each bounce
  • Updated Bouncing Script: Unnecessary CAOS has been removed, and a bouncing carrot can be interacted with

The following changes come directly from the updated Creatures 1 carrot. Very minor changes were made, such as the number of carrots in the garden, but these should sound very familiar to those who previously downloaded this COB!

  • Invisible Seedlings: Immature carrot variants are now completely invisible and will not create confusion
  • New Seedlings: Upon being eaten, carrot variants are replaced by brand new seedlings in the garden
  • Amount of NFP Decrease: The level of NFP decrease is now 30, rather than the original amount of 70
  • Number of Carrot Variants: There are now 4 carrots in the garden, instead of the usual 5 carrots
  • Dropped Carrot Variants: Dropping carrot variants now includes a random variable so they can point left or right
  • Carrot Variant Stubs: Carrot variants will now briefly turn into stubs after being eaten, to simulate actual eating
  • Sprite File: The download includes a new sprite file with improvements and two new poses
  • New Bitmaps: Existing bitmaps now better simulate growth so baby seedlings do not sit on the ground
  • Garden Area: Carrot variants now grow in a slightly smaller area within the garden to improve placement
  • Vertical Growth: Seedlings use a variable y coordinate so they are no longer in a perfect line

Note that upon install, the carrot variants will grow quickly. All future seedlings will grow at the normal rate.

Download the Creatures 1 Updated Carrot Variant

Albian Art with the Updated Creatures 1 Carrot VariantIf you have a melting snowman and need something to do with its carrot nose, now you can bounce around Albia with the carrot variant! It should now act much more like a food item. More importantly, a carrot picked up in mid-bounce can actually be eaten: This was a problem with the original version, leading to some more confusing meal times! It makes for a bit of fun, too… Snap a screenshot at just the right time, and a bouncing carrot might just make something look like a face! Like this weed that very, very remotely looks like a face… Maybe? In any event, these should add a little more variety to your Creatures 1 garden and give your Norns and Grendels something interesting to eat! Careful: They blend in perfectly with the usual carrots, and finding a bouncing one can make for a surprising moment!

I still have the honeypots to update and some other food items. However, this gives a sneak peek at what I would like to do with some toy updates. The one who initiates the toy, like bouncing a ball or spinning a top, will receive a sizable decrease in some needs. However, anyone within earshot will also get some benefits! These need decreases will be much smaller, but at least an entire group of Norns and Grendels can have some fun! At the moment, toys really only benefit the single Creature who interacts with it. Even activating a toy with the hand does nothing except get a Norn’s or Grendel’s attention. Feel free to share what you would like to see updated next, and enjoy this Creatures 1 download!

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