Download the Cheesiest C1 COB Update

An Examination of a Fixed C1 Food ItemApparently the updated cheese was just so mesmerizing that my test subject, a lively little Grendel chap, ate absolutely everything except the piece of cheese he was supposed to model. Cheeky! After diving into hex editing and walking through some CAOS, it’s finally time to celebrate with a perfectly aged cheese update! Creatures 1 never needed any major improvements to the cheese, yet this was a fun project that got me into looking at the doctor’s page file. Not exactly a picnic! But you can now have a cheese picnic with your Norns and Grendels with this COB, complete with the following improvements:

  • Amount of Hunger Decrease: The level of hunger decrease is now 150, rather than the original 250 units
  • Amount of NFP Decrease: The level of NFP decrease is now 30, rather than the original amount of 10
  • Multiple Cheese Bites: Cheese now lasts for two entire bites, making them last longer and provide more nutrition
  • Number of Cheese Pieces: There are now 6 cheese pieces in the kitchen and 2 cheese pieces in the jungle
  • Dropped Cheese Pieces: Dropping pieces of cheese now includes a random variable so they can point left or right
  • Sprite File: The download includes a new sprite file with improvements and several new poses

Most importantly, this download includes an update to the Health file, which is used in the Health Kit to inject individual items. Feverfew and morning glory have been slightly changed to allow for a maximum of 255 objects, rather than the standard 12. Just remember not to go too wild with adding these to a world! It is very important to follow the instructions in the Readme about how to use this COB and the Health file together. You must first inject the updated COB before injecting the updated cheese from the Health Kit, or the game will crash. Similarly, injecting an updated piece of cheese via the Health Kit without injecting the COB will cause a crash. Finally, it is recommended that you drop a piece of cheese after injecting it with the Health Kit. It actually is not being held by the hand, but will follow the hand. If a Creature takes it directly from the hand, it is actually in two places at once and will flicker. I have not experienced a crash, but simply dropping the cheese is the best recommendation! Or never use the doctor’s page. Ha!

Note that upon install, all cheese will be removed from the world and can then be found in the kitchen or in the jungle. Remember to follow the instructions carefully regarding the Health Kit file (“Health”) and how it works with this update!

Download the Creatures 1 Updated Cheese

A Cheesy New COB for Creatures 1Another shoutout to Lone Shee of The Shee’s Lost Knowledge for her help. And the Grendels of the world thank Malkin for pointing out that a few pieces of cheese should be added in the jungle near the Grendel Mother! This update does break other cheese COBs, yet I will be going through a few tutorials in the coming weeks explaining how to update existing COBs. If I can get in touch with the original authors, I may pursue a path of releasing these updates. But to be fair and to respect the original creators, tutorials will suffice for now. Editing COBs is much less scary when it seems… Especially when you’re working with existing items! Enjoy this newest fix for Creatures 1!

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