The Blunders and Wonders of Technology

Another Reinstall of CreaturesTechnology is wonderful, yet I’ve tended to hold back on upgrading my software due to all of the issues. However, I finally had to move forward with the times and go through a very necessary software update! With backups of everything in hand, I went through several hours of installation and testing. All worked well and I was excited to finally be up-to-date! It was always an interesting conversation when I mentioned what operating system my Mac was still on… Needless to say, I switched over to Windows to make sure Creatures still worked. And it didn’t. C1, C2, and C3/DS were all dead, without the ability to even boot up. It was a catastrophe! What in the world would I do without Creatures? However, it all got worse.

Solving the Technology Hurdles to Play CreaturesI backed up everything, and then started from scratch with fresh reinstalls. I first tried Creatures 2… I was excited when it booted up! Yet the kits took something like 10-30 seconds to open. Definitely not correct! Then Creatures 1 wouldn’t start, even with a fresh install. I thought all was lost… Until I checked the drive letters. Apparently a backup drive I hooked up ended up doing something odd, taking the place of the drive I always used. With a few more nervous breaths, I reinstalled everything. And… Creatures is back up and running! All of the games work, although I’m not positive if I can return to Artemiidae. I mentioned that it would go through a restart, though. Guess this is the right time. Thank goodness all is working again!

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