Completed Fixes and a Bee Line to the C1 Honey

Flying Into the Creatures Honey UpdatesThose Creatures 1 bees can attempt to fly away, but there’s nowhere to hide! My CAOS skills may be a little rusty after not being used for a few months, yet I’m back and ready to continue on this quest for better food objects. With all of the issues, one wonders if the original creators didn’t do it on purpose to get players interested in CAOS… We’ll say that’s the real reason for all of the problems! The honey is a little different because it encompasses a few objects: The honeypots, bees, and beehives. All are getting grouped together for this round of updates. Brace yourself, little bees!

Part of the Rather Quiet Creatures Genetics TeamI feared that the last update would be extremely boring… And it was. Ha! The good news is that after wrestling some coding into place over the course of an afternoon, those improvements I mentioned are all set! Namely, the thumbnail images in the related posts section are no longer broken. The mobile version of the site should be slightly improved, and a few other very minor things were updated. Emmi Ter and Lucas Locus of the genetics team were all smiles, and I joined them!

Creatures CAOS and the Mystery Around ItNow begins the real fun of jumping back into coding! CAOS may look daunting, but I truly encourage anyone who might be remotely interested to take a look at it. There are so many neat things that can be accomplished! And creating your first COB, even if it’s a simple update, is quite rewarding. I’m sticking with updates, yet maybe one day I’ll come up with a unique COB…

Leaving the Original Creatures Honey in the PastIn this three step process, the honeypots will be the first to be updated. The bees and beehives present their own challenges, particularly since I haven’t dabbled outside of the food-related CAOS until now. It’s a welcome challenge! Feel free to follow along with some project updates that should be coming soon. I would also be very interested to hear your experiences with the honeypots, bees, and beehives. Good or bad, it’s always good to know what’s working and what else can be improved! I also have many more fixes in store. For those looking into the future, I should be moving onto the coconuts and any other official food add-ons next. Then, who knows! Perhaps the herbs and weeds will get spruced up, or we’ll have some more fun with toys. All I need is to make the time, and that I will!

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