A Mother’s Day Celebration with a Norndoll

Calico Critters and a Curious NorndollHappy Mother’s Day! Fizzbee decided to journey over to the Calico Critters village to see what sorts of activities were going on to honor the mothers. She couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a lovely brunch set up by the families. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! One kangaroo mother even brought her little baby along. She looked about ready to eat some of the bright pink frosting! In fact, Fizzbee’s eyes were glued to that tray of biscuits, cakes, and cupcakes. A Norndoll is very much like a Norn: Never trust one with food! A lovely vase of handpicked daisies rounded out the table, and the ladies were enjoying themselves. Often the best Mother’s Day gifts come with little to no cost! These Calico Critters mothers had a chance to finally relax.

A Delicious Brunch for Calico Critters and NornsUpon further inspection, Fizzbee was certain that she had to have some of the goodies! The mothers spotted her at the window, and they would have offered her a chair… Had Fizzbee been small enough to actually fit inside! That kangaroo baby still looked ready to pounce onto the plate of sweets, though. The ladies chatted away about all of their secrets, from how to avoid falling out of glassless windows to fitting more than one critter in a double bed. Being a Calico Critter certainly comes with its challenges! Meanwhile, the fathers and children were making sure that the houses were all cleaned out, particularly after a family of stinkbugs decided to hibernate in the village over the winter. All are welcome except insects! None of that, thank you.

Giving Thanks to Moms EverywhereAfter enjoying several platefuls of healthy sweets, the mothers stood together to commemorate the day in their lovely dresses. What a nice brunch it had been, and they certainly felt loved on this Mother’s Day! As the hedgehog mother was walking home, she realized that her hat had gone missing. She distinctly remembered a sudden gust of wind during her moment posing next to the window… And what in the world had happened to that Norndoll?

Fizzbee Getting Ready to Eat the Mothers Day Leftovers
Happy Mother’s Day from Fizzbee and Discover Albia!

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