Weekend GOG Sale: Up to 80% Off Creatures

Buy Discounted Creatures GamesThe weekend is nearly here, and there’s a special surprise in store for Creatures players! For those who haven’t purchased one or more of the games, or for those who stock up on game codes to give away, GOG is having one amazing sale! Creatures Exodus and Creatures Village are discounted 80% and Creatures: The Albian Years is discounted 75%! This is one of the best deals on the Creatures games that GOG has had in awhile, and it’s the perfect time to expand your collection. In fact, the entire series costs just $3.87 USD… That’s often less than the cost of in-app purchases for a single game.

An Amazing Sale on the Creatures GamesI still remember the days when the Creatures games may have cost as much as $40 USD for the physical box set… Now they’re a lot more accessible and affordable! GOG even features a small image of Creatures Exodus on home page, which is awesome! I stumbled across GOG several years ago when I was still struggling to get my CD versions to work. Back then, it was still possible to have a fairly stable game on a newer system… But then things went downhill when I upgraded my computer. Thank goodness for GOG! I can also attest to their excellent customer service and continued effort to offer DRM-free games. I say this as an affiliate, yet my own personal experiences with the site have been nothing but great over the years. I also may or may not have taken advantage of countless sales on many other games… Suffice to say that I have a whole lot of backlogged games to jump into when I’m not playing Creatures! If you’ve been waiting for a sale, now is the time to grab the Creatures games! The discounted prices are only good through 3:59 AM UTC on May 24, 2016. Don’t miss out! It might be several months before the games go back on sale.

The Only Online Store for the Creatures GamesThe standard pricing of the Creatures games is still very reasonable at GOG: Each is normally priced at $5.99 USD. This sale has some of the biggest discounts on the games I’ve seen in awhile! Additionally, it’s nice to see one of the games mentioned in the promo details, and for the games to have been included in the list of discounted games. I’ve been running low on game codes to use in giveaways, so I do believe I’ll be stocking up again! Funny thing is that the one giveaway I hosted about a month ago received no entries… Guess that means everyone was all set with their Creatures games at that point! I’m sure there will be some free Creatures game codes to win in the future, but don’t miss out on this wonderful weekend sale!

Find the Best Deals on the Creatures Games
Buy Creatures: The Albian Years
Buy Creatures Exodus
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