Calm and Violent: All Over the Norn Spectrum

Hatching a Lovely Little Norn in Creatures 1This Creatures 1 generation was off to a quick start, and I was ready to add another Norn to the bunch! Somehow I managed to whittle down the first lessons of life to under ten minutes, which left me twiddling my thumbs while everyone explored on their own. The incubator hummed to life and out popped an adorable baby girl! Meet Candidum, another first generation Norn who will bring some more unique appearance genes into this generation. Without any genetic mutations to worry about, I was free to just enjoy her company. She seemed like a quiet sort of soul.

An Unexpected Journey for a Norn and GrendelI heard the distant sound of the underground cart, along with some chatter. I was ready to laugh again, considering how Auratum kept going back and forth in the underground region. Yet I was greeted not by Auratum, but by Bolanderi and Jucunda! Bolanderi went through a quick growth spurt, and finally settled down for his first nap. Jucunda looked on with disappointment. She had braved that rickety cart, which was liable to fall apart at any time, while it skirted above some rather mysteriously dark water. All that for the sight of a sleeping Norn? She was quickly learning that life wasn’t always exciting!

A Norn and a Whole Lot of FoodMeanwhile, Candidum finished up her time on the computer and ran for it! She passed by my other Grendel, Pentlandii, without paying him much attention. Like Jucunda, she first saw him when he was sleeping… And a sleeping Grendel is not a very fun companion. So she settled in among a feast of various food items, and feast she did! After sampling everything, she dropped off to sleep in what could only be described as a food coma. She couldn’t have been more content!

The Consequences of Norn JealousyBack in the land of consciousness, Bolanderi crossed the underground tunnel again. He conveniently left Jucunda behind, and I sensed a bit of a rude attitude about him. Sure enough, he went right over to Auratum as if to tell her that her adventures weren’t all that exciting. Maybe she wasn’t listening, but he proceeded to start a slapping match with her. Absolutely rude! My attempts at genetically creating nicer Norns had not actually failed, since slapping is still a choice. They weren’t terribly violent towards one another, but Auratum got one slap in and pronounced herself “good”. It was at this time that I questioned just what she was thinking!

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