Important News for the Creatures Community

Sharing More News About a New Creatures ForumHave you had a chance to take a look at the Discover Albia Forum? It’s been a lot of fun getting things going and welcoming everyone! Many suggestions have been implemented, and lots of changes have happened over the course of the last week. Registering is never required to view the content, but we do have an activity coming up in July that is only fully accessible to registered forum members. Read more about Creatures Challenges and get ready to earn some points! There are plenty of lively discussions sprouting up, and these are open to every type of player. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned professional or a brand new Creatures player, enjoy! The registration process should also be quicker compared to the original method.

A Warning to Steer Clear of an Old Creatures DomainMost importantly, there is one very important piece of news pertinent to the community: DO NOT VISIT THE SEEYOU7 DOMAIN! This used to host a lot of Creatures downloads and it was one of the wonderful parts of the community, but it went down earlier this year. Now it appears to host suspicious and/or malicious software. Please read this topic for more information from various community members. Special thanks to C-Rex of Docking Station Galaxy for being kind enough to be the first one to warn everyone about this. The best thing to do is to share this information and remove/update any links to try to protect anyone from accidentally visiting the domain. Stay safe!

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