Stuck in the Sticky Honey CAOS

Moving Closer to Completing the Updated C1 HoneyThere have only been a few updates regarding the updated Creatures 1 honey, with one of the more recent discussions centered around the design. Luckily, the design is finalized and works like a charm! The tricky part involves the CAOS, otherwise known as the scripts that control how an object behave. In other words, a real battle. Too bad the cannon can’t send globs of honey all over the place! My CAOS knowledge is decent enough, yet there are many others who are much more experienced in this realm. After battling it out and making far too many changes, I would appreciate a few fresh sets of eyes! All of the scripts can be viewed at the Discover Albia Forum.

Testing the Updated Honey in Creatures 1So far, my little test Norn has eaten more than enough honey to last a lifetime! I seem to have the majority of the actions working, except for making the empty honeypots invisible. I’m close, but not quite there yet. The most likely culprit is a simple CAOS mistake or two… Expect to laugh, and please do! I also plan to put the almost finished product up for beta testing and all sorts of suggestions, so if you’re not versed in CAOS but still want to help, there will be an opportunity coming up. You might even be able to see one of the major new features, which is a glob of honey that slowly moves down a honeypot until it’s empty. We’re getting there! Thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the chance to look at the scripting and help out. Norns and Grendels everywhere will soon be able to enjoy this new COB!

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