An Update on an Update for Creatures 1

A Norn and the Dance of HoneyI took a break from working on the updated honey for Creatures 1 because it was giving me a headache. CAOS is wonderful when it goes well, but it can be a nightmare when it just won’t do something right! Over the course of my testing, some may recognize Alec the Norn, who is now hopelessly in love with honey. He does the honey dance quite often! He was last seen when I was stuck in some sticky CAOS, and I finally decided to wash my hands and get right into it. I seem to have improved the way the honeypot gets dropped. Amai of Naturing :: Nurturing suggested looking into making the honeypot invisible only after it is dropped. Hence the reason for the improvement in honeypot dropping! Step one looked promising…

Scripting the Updated Honey with CAOSOh. No. That would be an empty honeypot that Alec picked up and tried to eat out of. Not quite there! Then again, taking several months off from doing any CAOS coding means that I’m rather rusty. If we were in need of an endless honeypot, that would be simple to deliver on! In fact, I plan to release that variant after I get this version completed. I fear that if I release it now, I might not be motivated to do the harder work behind this one! Besides, I still like the nostalgic work of refilling honeypots at the hives. With a little luck and some real concentration, this COB should be ready soon enough! Alec will definitely approve!

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