CCSF 2016 Blog Carnival: Day 3

The Third Prompt of the CCSF 2016 Blog CarnivalIt’s been a lot of fun to be part of the CCSF 2016 Blog Carnival, and today brings another prompt! Sometimes I find it difficult to describe exactly how I play Creatures because I often play in very short bursts. I can put together a fairly in-depth blog post after just a few minutes of actual gameplay, although those have to be some really interesting Norns! Reading the other responses makes me feel more connected to the community, and I’m trying my best to set aside some time to submit something to the Creatures Community Spirit Festival this year. Think you have something that’s OK, but not great? Just remember that I deem puns about lending a “hand” in Creatures worthy to share. Ha! Chances are you’ll get a warm wave of gratitude and appreciation for contributing. Being a coordinator isn’t an easy job, so hopefully my little pleas will help Allekha and Doringo this year! Anyways, onto today’s prompt. No shortened version because this is short enough!

How Has the Way You Play Creatures Changed Since You Started?

For one thing, I got a little smarter and now know what I’m doing most of the time! The biggest change is in the way I treat the complex elements. When the Genetics Kit was first released, I remember it making its way onto my birthday list. I had no idea what anything did. My biggest triumph was creating a green Norn… And I think that happened because I followed a tutorial. Back then, I never thought I would ever touch genetics and CAOS. Yet here I am, learning more about real world genetic concepts while I learn how to fix the food in Creatures 1. Although a lot of these complex aspects require a more serious demeanor, the one that that hasn’t changed is the laughter. I feel like I can dive deeper into the games without losing sight of the lighthearted nature it possesses. I can be right in the middle of figuring out which neurons do what, when a Norn will attempt to eat a lift and look so disappointed when that just won’t happen. Too funny!

What Has Stayed the Same?

As I mentioned, I still get a lot of enjoyment out of the simple joys in Creatures. As short and boring as that answer is, I think it’s one of the big reasons why I’ve never lost interest in the games. Sure, I take a break every now and then, but I think we all do. What draws me back are those simple smiles, and silly moments. In the past I remember carefully raising Norns from birth, and that still remains just as central to my playing style now, if not more so!

Do You Play a Different Game More?

I barely gave Creatures 3 a chance back when I first got it, but over the past few years I’ve found more ways to enjoy it. I also never played Docking Station, so that’s certainly made it onto the list! However, Creatures 1 is still the game that takes up most of my time. And although it’s definitely not my favorite game, I still pick up Creatures Village once every couple of months. There’s more to it than first meets the eye, just like the other games.

Have You Picked Up a Different Play Style?

From reading many different blogs throughout the years, I’ve tried out more world customization in C3/DS. I’ve also come to enjoy wolfling runs, which never worked for me in the past. That may have been due to the fact that I called them “wolfing” runs… One letter off, and that was enough to throw me off. I’m easily thrown off and distracted!

Have You Thrown Out One Species and Embraced Another?

I’ve always preferred Norns over the other species. There was even a time when my brother and I wrote up a document stating how Ettins had to interact with Norns… It was a set of makeshift “laws” that would result in a trip to the Splicing Chamber for bad behavior. Luckily, we never did get around to implementing it! Although I’m still drawn to Norns, I’ve grown quite fond of my Creatures 1 Grendels. I owe a huge thanks to The Truth About Grendels and The Realm for inspiring me to give these strange, green beings another chance.

How One Player Can Slowly Change Over TimeI suppose the power of this post was too much, because I had a lovely power failure right in the middle of writing this up! Unexpected darkness when it’s already dark outside is not my idea of a good time. Luckily, that rarely happens! Although it does tie into this not-as-short-as-originally-planned post, because it reminds me of how completely lost I was when I first played. Now a sick Norn gets immediate treatment, rather than me sitting there wondering if pushing the lift button would be a relevant medical solution. Ha! I imagine I’ll always change over time with all of the new things that constantly come out. We have a very innovative and imaginative community, which is not something to take for granted. I’m excited to learn more about Creatures, to share some of that knowledge with anyone who could use it. I guess all I need to do is spend more time with those silly Ettins!

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