Identical Sleeping Patterns and a Grendel’s Nightmare

A Young Grendel and the Wonders of SleepWhen Rehmannii, one of my youngest Grendels, was still fresh out of his egg, I was convinced that he was going to be one wild terror! As it turned out, he mellowed out quite a bit when he was left to his own devices. Apparently he was just trying to impress Vilada, who had long abandoned him for the desert island. Rehmannii was actually an excellent eater and sleeper. I barely needed to keep an eye on him, although he still enjoyed a visit from the hand. I try to teach my Norns and Grendels that the hand usually offers up tickles or something delicious to eat… Those happy reactions certainly make a rough day better!

In the Midst of a Pleasant Norn RelationshipIt seemed like just a moment ago that Souliei was contemplating her pregnancy, but soon enough there was an egg to show off. Martagon watched over his little family while the egg grew and Souliei took a well-deserved nap. This Creatures 1 world has a lot going on with so many Norns and Grendels, yet these two stayed together throughout the course of my play session. There were some kisspops mixed in there, but luckily C1 Norns take awhile to recover. Egg laying is supposed to be worth the effort. Martagon and Souliei looked like they found their place in the world, even if it wouldn’t last forever. One can never expect Norns to stay in one place forever!

All Around Albia with a Wise GrendelSleep was the common thread that brought everyone together. Although not visible, there is actually a day and night cycle that exists in Creatures 1. I’ve never looked into it in great detail, although I believe it: Often many different Norns and Grendels, on opposite sides of the world, will fall asleep around the same time. Or maybe I just tend to make everyone tired on the same schedule… In any event, Jucunda was taking her nap! She was actually in a very explorative mood, traveling by lift and teleporter. I often label certain Creatures as brave, but I do believe going through a teleporter qualifies as the bravest. I sure hope the Shee left those teleporters in acceptable shape and with no mechanical issues.

Polar Opposite Reactions to Looking the Same in Creatures 1Then, it happened. The one occurrence that I forgot about with my Grendels and try to avoid with every generation of Norns. Pentlandii was horrified, while Rehmannii found it hilarious. That’s right: These two adult male Grendels are now identical! For reference, Rehmannii is on the left and Pentlandii is on the right. I have a feeling that Pentlandii might have a little more blue to him, but not enough to make things easy for me. Now begins the fun part of trying to tell these two apart! This also means that there isn’t just one adult male Grendel anymore… Watch out Jucunda!

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