Unexpected Appearances and Surprises Around Albia

A Little Sunshine and Happiness for a Sad NornKeeping my Norns and Grendels happy is what makes up the majority of my playing time, and I thoroughly enjoy it! Unfortunately, Nanum was in a predicament of despair… Ever since she became an adult, she battled an illness and was hounded by a rather annoying Norn. She hadn’t smiled since childhood, even with all of the food and toys in the world. So I tried a new tactic and led her to the bright, sunny garden. Just like that, Nanum found the happiness she had been missing! She played with the spinning top like she was young again, and found that long-lost smile. Finally! We left Ledebourii alone to ponder “oogh” and all.

A Grendel Egg and a Surprising ReactionIf Nanum’s smile surprised me, I was left in utter disbelief when Jucunda suddenly laid another egg! She was rather startled herself, and even Pentlandii looked rather confused. Grendels certainly know how to fly under the radar when they can’t be monitored by the Observation Kit! Martagon was near the makeshift nest, and Jucunda decided that a sleeping Norn was the perfect guard for her egg. Off she went, so that Martagon was even more confused than anyone when he awoke. Good thing those eggshells can’t be breached by anything… I had a feeling the egg would have been trampled among all the puzzled looks and poses!

Finding Friendship with a Supposed Norn AdversaryRemember how young Rubellum started a rivalry with Hansonii not long ago? As soon as the youngster entered adulthood, he hunted down Hansonii for a showdown. They sized one another up, threw a few slaps that I couldn’t prevent, and then did something utterly strange: They became friends. The two Norns stayed right near one another in the cave beneath the temple, only separating once in awhile to relieve their crowdedness and take solitary naps. I laughed at yet another unexpected turn of events! Creatures 1 Norns are rather different in that they really don’t form opinions and memories about individuals: Their collected experiences dictate how they “feel” about Norns, or Grendels, in general. Still, Hansonii and Rubellum looked like they were real friends!

The Excitement of an Upcoming Baby NornWith Nanum back in the garden and Martagon not too far away, I was hoping for a reunion and a lesson in how nice a Norn could be. As it so happened, Nanum went off to join an enormous group of Norns. Almost everyone not mentioned here was formed a horde! Candidum was in that group for some time, yet she decided to take a quiet walk back to the incubator area. Martagon was simply too nice to ignore, and the two could soon share the label of expectant parents. Martagon was particularly excited, since this was his first egg! This also reminded me that this sixth generation of Norns and Grendels was far from done hatching, and I had no youngsters to take care of anymore. Check back soon to meet someone new in time for the 20th anniversary!

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