When Three Isn’t a Crowd

The Beginning of a Broken Baby Grendel UnionTo say I was worn out by the most recent update was not a lie. A pair of baby Grendels certainly takes a good deal of effort to teach! Yet like with everyone, I had to let them leave the nest. Or, as it happened, take ages to leave said nest and only venture out when there was nothing else to do. As soon as they entered the garden, they met the perfect mentor: Pentlandii! He seemed to take a genuine interest in the baby Grendels and treated them very kindly. In an ironic twist, though, this marked the beginning of separation for the two. Part of me hoped that Rehmannii and Vilada would stay together, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The Funniest Scene in Creatures 1I was then presented with the funniest scenario I had encountered in ages. I literally laughed. Ledebourii made his way around the world and came upon Auratum. I can’t do the scene justice with simple words, but I’ll try! He kept picking up toys and food right when Auratum wanted them. So she just kept reaching out, and he kept holding things just out of her grasp. I dramatize and take a lot of creative license, but believe me when I say that this is something that really happened! I was cracking up! But it wasn’t over yet…

From out of nowhere, Nanum appeared. Some may recall the recent entry about her rather horrid time with a certain Norn. Who was that? None other than Ledebourii. Suddenly Auratum was expecting an egg, and he was following her like a shadow. Nanum crouched in the corner and looked, for all the world, like she was laughing at Auratum. In any event, she had somehow eluded Ledebourii and lost him! He didn’t even notice her… He was too busy keeping the ball away from Auratum, which he figured was an excellent way to occupy a pregnant Norn. How nice.

The Deathcap Convention Center of AlbiaA small group decided to congregate near the deathcap mushroom. Why not? That just so happens to be the most exciting place in Albia, for some very strange reason! Can you guess who ate the deathcap mushroom? Was it Bolanderi, who was suspiciously sleepy? Or maybe Jucunda, the Grendel with a horrified look on her face? Or perhaps Iridollae, who was getting ready to lay an egg? Hint: Pick the most unlikeliest candidate. I’ve lauded the intelligence of Grendels around the deathcap mushroom for years, and I was aghast… For it was none other than Jucunda. How silly I felt for not suspecting her at first!

The fun and games had to be put on hold when I came back to Jucunda after checking on the rest of my Norns and Grendels. She wasn’t eating, and hadn’t done much to help herself after her recent pregnancy. Add to that the fact that she was suddenly fascinated by danger, and I had a situation on my hands. 28%. That was what her life force dipped to, and I had to rush to cram some carrots down her mouth! It wasn’t easy since she was in a crowd, but she made it. I suppose I should get to work on a “Do Not Enter” sign for the deathcap mushroom area!

Making Way for the Next Generation of NornsNot everyone was done with the day, though. Martagon looked deeply into Candidum’s eyes and seemed like he was in love. However, what he failed to notice was that her trajectory was slightly off and focused entirely on Rubellum. He was hidden and kept a low profile, but he finally had cause to be the center of attention! Indeed, he was a father-to-be and couldn’t be more excited! Or maybe that was just me… Rubellum walked away and figured he would find something else to keep his interest. Like the lift. One can always count on a Norn to disappear! Interestingly enough, I managed to capture almost everyone in groups of three. Yet I will not take that as a sign to hatch three babies at once! Yikes!

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