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Soap Opera Drama in Creatures 1

It seemed like just yesterday when Iridollae was incubating an egg, and suddenly Hansonii had something very important to share! That jumbled up mass of two Norns was actually a jumbled up mass of three Norns, for there was ... Continue Reading

The Case of a Perpetual Pregnancy

Malkin recently shared an interesting genome of a Norn with a rather unique problem. Stuck pregnancies in Creatures 1 usually occur as the result of a genetic mutation. Naturally, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to take a closer ... Continue Reading

How Hunger Works in Creatures 1

With my recent work on the Creatures 1 carrots and lemons, hunger and the Norn digestive system have been very interesting to me! I’ve learned a lot through CAOS, although there is an entire genetic side to the equation. ... Continue Reading