Introducing Noric the Norn

After spending a good deal of time with Adria and deciding that she could take care of herself, I decided to choose a male Norn to bring into Albia. Seems like some voters in the first poll were psychic: ... Continue Reading

The Grendel Explored

The Grendel has long been a disliked and distrusted being within Creatures 1. Indeed, this negativity has continued throughout the games, painting the picture of a very dangerous breed. Yet, are these claims warranted? Should there constantly be the ... Continue Reading

The Early Life of Adria

Adria has been doing very well in Albia, where she has already grown into the next life stage. I’m hoping she doesn’t age too quickly, since I am quite fond of her. She is very photogenic and has become ... Continue Reading

Meet Adria

I just couldn’t resist introducing my first Norn! In my game, in that first generation Norns aren’t purebred, but exhibit traits of two breeds. From what I understand, the genetics are taken from the standard parent genetics, which would ... Continue Reading

My First Norn… Sort Of

After some quiet deliberation at the Creatures Hatchery, I chose the first Norn to enter Albia. Am I attached already? Of course. I think that was the whole point of Steve Grand’s idea: To push the boundaries of our ... Continue Reading

Starting Objects in Creatures 1

As a random little fact, I collected and counted the total number of movable objects that each standard world begins with in Creatures 1. It was a little surprising to put everything in one location: Quite the feast! A ... Continue Reading