New and Familiar Residents of Albia

Does this face ring a bell? This is little Enterra, the one Norn who broke out of her egg and had to be exported. Luckily, she’s back to take on the world with her honey pot! She resembles many of the Norns currently in the world, like Azdira and Olennia. Funny how the White Haired Pixie Norn traits mainly show up in the bodies of my Norns, but very rarely in the face. Enterra is the daughter of Evrietta and Rafin, both of whom have been exported.

Meanwhile, Brennis aged quite quickly, although that was the intended result of using updated C1 Norn genomes, courtesy of Tarlia! It’s a bit eerie that he struck an almost identical pose to that of Diren when he passed on. Since hitting his latest life stage, Brennis takes this position whenever he lies down. It looks more painful than comfortable, but it seems to be doing the trick for him! After all, he deserves a nice respite after fathering eight unhatched eggs!

The next egg ready for a trip to the incubator was the one nearest and dearest to my heart: The last egg from Adria, which was fathered by Timren. Both were lost in the plague, and I was hoping for someone special to pop out. Indeed, I got what I was hoping for. Meet Conrin, the newest and happiest little guy in Albia! He is a spitting image of his father, and is one of the most obedient Norns I’ve ever come across.

However, it was soon apparent that there was something quite different about Conrin. Even after traveling up to the computer, he showed no sign of dialing down his smile! A typical baby Norn usually shares a smile at birth, but quickly shows signs of distress due to a high desire to eat. It’s sort of like a very brief and excited entrance into the world, followed by an immediate search for something to sustain life with. A good instinct, but one that didn’t seem completely apparent in Conrin. I found the reason why in the very handy science kit.

My latest Norn, Windren, showed a similar pattern with his exceptionally high glucose and glycogen that never diminished. Conrin still has his glycogen in a relatively normal range, although his glucose production means that it can’t decrease very quickly. The biggest difference, though, and something I had hoped for in Windren, is the fact that Conrin never feels the need to eat. This graph was taken after he had eaten several meals, yet his hunger was still at 0 before he ate anything. His glucose levels do fall slightly over time and interact with starch, but I was absolutely thrilled to see that he would be able to sustain himself like Windren without the downside of constantly feeling hungry. Shortly thereafter, though, Conrin fell ill with a small bout of antigen 1. He didn’t require much to nurse him back to health, but he now suffers from constant pain. It’s represented by a relatively flat line in the science kit, at about a 25% rate. I didn’t notice this when he was a baby, and it may well have kicked in when he reached his next life stage. Fortunately, he still smiles more than half of the time, and seems to have become accustomed to the pain. Still, poor Conrin! I would be very interested to know if this is something that has happened to other Norns.

Enterra was enchanted with Conrin’s smile, and quickly made friends with him in a sea of carrots. Oddly enough, Conrin inherited Adria’s penchant for backing away from things that interested her, and running off in a playful manner. I don’t think Enterra quite grasped the concept, since she took off in the other direction and didn’t stop until she reached the submarine! A little miscommunication, apparently. I’m sure they’ll both meet up again shortly after they mature!

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