The Many Moments in a Creature’s Life

There are some moments in Creatures that are absolutely perfect, and I was thrilled to find one. The elder Oppeid looked on as Flakstad and Grytting took turns bouncing the ball in the garden. I forgot all about Flakstad’s mutations, and enjoyed watching him blend in and have fun. Little Grytting rarely left his side: He might have been older than her, yet she took responsibility for his well being as best she could.

Dragvik had quickly grown into an adult on the island of Albia! He met Aldra there, and they decided to hand me a single egg to watch over. It was the first in nearly an hour, and I was much happier with the slow pace! The proud father posed near the ocean among the coconuts. I could not help but think he looked like a White Haired Pixie Norn which had hopped into a bright red scuba diving outfit. One has to find some humor in Norns as often as possible! With such short lives, it’s important to savor the adorable and silly moments. Dragvik knew just how to make me laugh!

Most of the activity in Creatures 1 took place near the incubator and garden regions. Engan, Valla, Flakstad, and Ytteren formed a mass of Norns that was difficult to distinguish. Valla blended in almost completely! The most amazing member of the group turned out to be Skuld, the lone Grendel. I took a moment to check on her, since she had been around for so long. She was already over thirteen hours old! I decided to try to stay close to her and treat her very well, since her time was almost up. Skuld enjoyed watching the clock, as if she knew.

One might think that the most noise came from the large group of Norns, but that would be quite incorrect! Ramsvika had isolated herself for hours, despite my efforts to move her back to the group. Since she was left alone so often, she adopted a way of speaking to herself. Constantly. I heard “get good Ramksvika” over and over again. Such a silly Norn! If I ever came across her with a frown, a few tickles was all she needed to beam with joy. At least she ate and slept on her own!

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