A Bouncing Bundle of Baby Norns

The race to keep up with the eggs in my C3/DS world was on! Topin and Davira were quite fond of one another, yet the first order of business was Kiarya’s clutch of four eggs. First to hatch was a male named Eiltab. He had an interesting mix of appearance genes, and I was rather shocked to see his lack of stripes! He was quickly exported, and should be appearing on CreatureLink in the future.

Stripes were certainly not missing on the next baby to hatch! Filana had all sorts of patterns all over her, but I was most happy about her Harlequin Norn legs. A little diversity was needed amongst the females, and I hoped that this trait would be passed on to the next generation. Because appearance genes for legs are of the utmost importance! Filana quickly made herself at home in the Norn Meso. The delicious food smells wafted to her nostrils, and she practically plowed through everything like a vacuum cleaner! Hungry much?

Another little girl emerged from the next egg. Grinae enjoyed looking cute and posing, although she was probably a little confused about her environment. Hatching these eggs in the communications room seemed so sterile and surgical: After this round of eggs, I vowed to start hatching eggs on the upper terraces of Veridia. It’s not like anyone actually traveled up there! This was actually helpful, though, since the females were so spread out already. Grinae was transported to the Norn Meso, where she could grow up peacefully and in relative safety. She looked much more at ease after the move.

I waited patiently for Kiarya’s last egg to hatch. For some reason, the little one inside wasn’t quite ready to emerge! It was a few more minutes before the familiar crackling could be heard, and out popped another female named Hartinnia! This was certainly a positive outcome for Kiarya, who would have three daughters to possibly continue her genetic line. I was also fond of the the leaf mark, and was happy to be able to see more of them floating around. Hartinnia was a social butterfly as soon as she entered the Norn Meso. This happy baby even had the Harlequin Norn legs!

In all the excitement, something terrible had to happen to stem the happiness. Benwit passed away, in an eerily similar way as Athik had. I was stumped over his death, too, for there were no obvious indications of illness or starvation. I decided to move the males into the connecting hallway, rather than the engineering room. There were more food sources set up, and I hoped that this would be the end of premature Norn deaths. There were no alpha males set up for succession, but I wasn’t too worried. It was just sad to see another little male die so young: Rest in peace, Benwit.

Topin and Davira were producing eggs faster than I could count! I had two of their most recent eggs ready to hatch, but Davira was soon pregnant with another set of twins. I was somewhat surprised with how close they stayed to one another, when Veridia was a very vast area. Three or four of the females still had yet to meet Topin, and they showed no signs of moving! Only Poplis had come in contact with him, and Davira seemed to drive her away. I think she had enough of the “me dislike Davira” talk that had gone around the world. This had actually stopped, much to my relief! Davira was probably the most disliked alpha female thus far, yet she never let it get to her.

As if Benwit’s death wasn’t enough, I had to suffer through another terrible heartache. The first egg hatched to reveal an amazing son of Topin and Davira, whom I named Ivar. He had a unique appearance with a Hardman Norn head, and just as I was tickling him for the first time, he collapsed and died. I dug through his genetics and finally found the culprit: Baby Norns are normally born with the maximum dosage of water in them, but Ivar had a mutation that changed the chemical. Effectively, he was born with no water and could not survive. I bid Ivar a sad farewell with the sad knowledge that I couldn’t save him.

The good news was that the twin of Ivar was fraternal, and did not carry the same fatal mutation. However, little Jensiol was a female, and was exported so that the gene pool would remain somewhat diverse. She looked exactly like Topin, and I desperately hoped that Davira’s Hardman Norn head would be passed along more in the future. The chances were high: I had six eggs of her waiting to be hatched!

Before Topin and Davira’s eggs could be hatched, I still had Leyfin’s twins to welcome to the world. The first was a male named Krinsho: Although he was exported and would not live in this world, I absolutely loved his coloring. His Fallow Norn body set him apart, yet he still had the signature stripes from his father. He should be available on CreatureLink within the next week or two. It all boils down to how much time I have for taking pictures and writing up short genetic analyses! Can’t forget about those genes.

I had a nervous moment when I thought that Leyfin would not have a daughter, but luck was on my side! Meet Levia, an adorable female who was actually an identical twin to Krinsho. I had secretly been hoping for a Fallow Norn head, since it seemed like the vast majority of Norns had Zebra Norn heads. Levia was different enough, though! As with the other young females, she enjoyed every aspect of the Norn Meso, yet the toys were probably her favorite element. I had a bunch of the alpha couple’s eggs to hatch, but there was also one very important question to consider:

Which new Norn breed should be introduced during this generation of the C3/DS world?
There is a poll on Facebook, but feel free to voice opinions in the comments section! I’m leaning towards either a Bruin, Civet, Deep, or Treehugger, although other suggestions are welcome. I tend to stick with the official breeds most of the time, or at least those that seem a little more organic. This could be the next alpha female, although her main use will be to provide new diversity in the gene pool. Thanks for any comments or votes!

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