A Collage of Baby Norns

I carefully watched as each of the six unhatched eggs began to quiver. This was a huge group of eggs, and there was no telling who would pop out! As it happened, one set of twins ended up being born as far apart as possible, though it was still clear which babies belonged to the same mothers. It was thrilling to welcome each of these new Norns into Creatures Docking Station! Their joyful faces were virtually irresistible.

Ebrim and Jomian were identical twin brothers, though the latter surely took his time in making his first appearance! Sadly, this meant that Jeminisa’s line had ended. In a way, though, she would live on, since Ixenba was her sister. Mayshi gave birth to Felria and Gorvin, who both showcased her signature Bengal des Neiges Norn appearance. In fact, Gorvin looked like he was a first generation Norn! Felria was simply a perfect addition to the world, and she matched up rather nicely. Finally, the alpha couple had their first two sons! Herrim and Iztar almost looked like two brothers with different hairstyles. They quickly made the Norn Meso their home!

Back on the surface, I expected that Gherissa would remain in solitude until it was her time to be exported. I underestimated Anshou… If there was a female to be found in all that snow, he was the one to find her! Gherissa’s waiting paid off, though I wasn’t certain if she was all that excited. She would be the mother of a litter of four Norns. The next generation looked like it might be a little on the small side, though I hoped that Gherissa’s eggs would hold a good number of females. Anshou must have been proud of himself: I think he broke the record for fastest breeder!

With most of the eggs hatched a short lull in activity, I raced over to lay a first generation egg. Little Kyrena emerged in all her Apple Norn glory! Although her breed was more colorful than the more subdued breeds I had used in the past, she was a wonderful addition to the population. Not only would she clearly stand out, but she also had some unique genetics to add to the gene pool. Kyrena made herself right at home in the caves of Chione, where she found plenty of apples to eat! Quite a fitting tribute to her arrival into the world.

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