Creatures Editor 32 Feature Preferences

Many might recall a discussion about the Creatures Editor 32 (CrEd32) during the CCSF 2012. Created by Kinnison over a decade ago, this powerful program for Creatures 1 is still relatively unknown. Some aspects of it might seem a little outdated, while other more accessible programs have replaced its other features. However, there are a number of features that are still exclusive to CrEd32! It is a deceivingly complex program, with features that can affect Creatures, COBs, and even more. So much to discover!

Rather than go into detail about every aspect, I wanted to open up a discussion to find out which features would interest readers. The documentation for CrEd32 is rather sparse, so I hope that this will provide valuable insight to anyone interested in trying it out! Please note that since it is such an old program, some users have reported issues with opening the program. It has been working in a Windows 7 environment for me, save for one feature which is unable to locate the hatchery. With the other elements of this program, though, it isn’t a total loss!

As an example, the report pictured here is part of the Norn Autopsy System. Disregard the fact that Ellidyr was a Grendel… This only proves that this feature works for all species! It provides a chemical breakdown, though I suspect that it may leave out certain unimportant chemicals. Although the cause of death is listed as unknown, I have used this report in the past for very accurate insights. We can see that Ellidyr was extremely hungry at his death, though he did not starve to death: He had a fair amount of glycogen in his system, along with some glucose. It also looks like he might have recently fought off an attack of antigen 0, judging by his elevated concentration of antibody 0. It was age that caught up with him, shown by his low level of the aging chemical. Not surprising, yet it’s interesting to see!

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