Fizzled Courage in the Creatures 1 Jungle

Growing Up Among the Creatures 1 FlowersIt seemed like only a moment ago that Candidum hatched, yet she grew into a child so quickly! I found her tucked away among the flowers and herbs. The lovely scents must have lulled her off to sleep, and it looked like a pretty nice place to lie down. This got me thinking about the aging mechanics in Creatures 1: Even with the exact same genes, Norns can age a little slower or quicker, seemingly at random. Candidum was already in the child life stage at 11 minutes old, whereas Auratum and Bolanderi were around 20 minutes old when they changed life stages.

The Hidden Sort of Grendel IntroductionAs it turned out, Candidum was the only one not in a large group! Jucunda had grown weary of being left out, and kept calling the lift to see what she could “catch” in the underground. Finally, it paid off! The whole thing almost sagged under the weight of its inhabitants. Auratum and Bolanderi seemed to be back on better terms with one another. They were certainly happy! I had to look very, very carefully to see that there was someone hiding among all of those Norn limbs. Can you spot the few pixels showing where Pentlandii, my other Grendel, was hiding? Apparently he was a little on the shy side!

A Grendel and a Little Loss of CourageLittle by little, Pentlandii’s courage grew until he felt safe enough to start exploring. He didn’t show much interest in Jucunda, yet there were so many things to see! His curiosity took him far away from the group into the jungle, which was a little darker. Pentlandii might have looked like a tough Grendel, yet he was still just a baby! Something spooked him, and he ran as quickly as he could in the opposite direction. Auratum looked on and provided a beacon of safety for him. She knew what it was like to explore new areas, and she was polite enough not to say anything out loud.

Reacting to a Suddenly Crowded Area of AlbiaHowever, that recent slapping match brought on by Bolanderi had left an imprint in Auratum’s mind. Once Pentlandii was back in the group again, she reached out and hit him. The poor fellow just laid down, tired from his run and confused about Auratum’s behavior. The slapping was still noticeably less than with previous generations, yet I still hated to see and hear it! Apparently Jucunda was, too… She followed in Pentlandii’s footsteps and ran in the opposite direction. I hoped she would cross paths with Candidum, and leave the slapping behind!

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