New Docking Station World Concept

Lately, I have been thinking of starting up a C3/DS world to explore the only Creatures game I never truly got into. I have tried a couple of test worlds, and it is almost impossible for me to get attached to the Norns, Ettins, and Grendels in the world. I’m used to the graphics and simplicity of Creatures 1: The game might have its shortcomings compared to Creatures 3 and Docking Station, but I think we all have our favorite game in the series. Rather than give up on Docking Station, though, I started to imagine an edited world with certain rules that would open up the possibility for storytelling. This would not just be an in-depth documentary, along the lines of the current C1 world, but more of a fictional and dramatic piece with the focus on creativity and imagination.

The basic rules and concepts are as follows. Be prepared: There are a lot of details which might come across as quite complicated! This is also not a wonderful world for most of the Norns.

  • Higher Multiple Births Probability: There would be a very high chance of giving birth to twins, and a relatively high probability of multiple Norns conceived in one pregnancy. Single births would still be possible, but would be more uncommon and less desirable, as described in some of the other rules. This would alter Norns to produce litters, rather than single babies.
  • Alpha Male Concept: The first generation would consist of multiple females, but only one male. He would ultimately become the alpha male, and the only male able to breed. This would limit the gene pool, but additional females would be continuously introduced. The alpha male could only be succeeded by a son conceived by the alpha female. The process of alpha male succession is somewhat complicated, and is described in further detail later on.
  • Alpha Female Concept: The first alpha female would be chosen by the alpha male: She would be the first female to successfully lay an egg. The alpha female would be the only female permitted to conceive an unlimited number of times, and would remain with the alpha male. She could only be succeeded when a different female successfully laid an egg conceived by a new alpha male. That female would become the new alpha female, and the previous alpha female would then be killed. In the event of the death of an alpha female, the next alpha female would be the next one to successfully lay an egg. It would be possible for the same Norn to remain the alpha female.
  • Inferior Male Concept: All inferior males would be separated into two groups. The first would consist of all males born to the alpha male and female. Only these Norns would be eligible to compete in the alpha male succession. Upon birth, these males would be confined to an area that would mark the start of an advanced test for the alpha male succession. The second group of inferior males would be made up of all males born to the alpha male and inferior females. In addition to their mothers, they would be isolated from the main group and given little to no chance of survival.
  • Inferior Female Concept: All other females, aside from the alpha female, would be considered inferior females. It would be possible for an inferior female to become the alpha female, but this process would be initiated by the alpha male. They would be raised separately from the adult population in a relatively safe and plentiful environment. At adulthood, an inferior female would be introduced to the main group. Once she laid her first egg, she would no longer be able to breed again. It would be in her best interest to lay multiple eggs at once, and have as many daughters as possible. She would be isolated from the group with her sons and given little to no chance of survival. In the event that an inferior female only gave birth to daughters, she would still be isolated.
  • Alpha Male Succession: Only the sons born to the alpha male and female would be eligible to succeed the alpha male. An elaborate course and test would be developed that would seek to find the strongest male. The beginning of the course would begin at birth, and its completion would lead to the main group. Multiple males might complete the course, but the alpha male would be the male who generated the first pregnancy. Any other sons of the former alpha male would be killed, along with the previous alpha male. In the event of multiple inferior males generating pregnancies, the first would still become the alpha male, and any others would be killed. Their children would become inferior males, and would thus have a small chance of survival. On the rare occasion that the alpha male died before being succeeded, a new first generation male would be hatched to take his place. All other males would then be killed.
  • Egg Laying Locations: All inferior females would be separated from the adult group immediately after becoming pregnant. They would be brought to a safe area to lay their eggs, and would be able to interact with their children for a brief moment. All other rules for inferior females and males would then be followed. The alpha female would never be separated from the alpha male, and she would lay her eggs among the group. These would then be moved to a separate location and hatched. The females would follow the rules for inferior females, while the males would begin the process of the alpha male succession.

This is far from the happy and nurturing side of Albia, yet I rather like the possibilities. It is quite sinister, yet there are ways for different Norn groups to form. I might even have a Norn paradise for a completely separate population elsewhere in the game! Fictional stories would be created based on the perspectives of different Norns. This would be an infrequent element of Discover Albia, to allow for a continued focus on Creatures 1. Is this something that would spark some interest? Or are the rules of the world simply too harsh? I should mention that hope would be a resounding theme: Death and separation would exist as conflicts, although happy endings to some of the tales would be worked in!

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