Celebrate Star Wars Day with Creatures

A Naming Scheme to Bring Star Wars to CreaturesToday marks the unofficial celebration of Star Wars, and I’d like to share a fun way to bring that world into C3/DS! Many of us know all about the iconic C-3PO and R2-D2 droids, along with many others from the Star Wars universe. Protective Tub, by Amaikokonut, has become one of my favorite agents to build on. Last week saw the release of the underwater names list. This is the list I use, and it makes Creatures a lot easier for me without the need to constantly think up new names! Today, I bring you the Protective Tub Robot Names List! This uses the droid naming conventions from Star Wars, with the only real difference being that the dash is replaced with a space. The names are also quite short, which means they won’t be cut off anywhere in the game!

Download the DS Protective Tub Robot Names List

Adding New Droid Names to Docking StationThese names are perfect for Ghosthande’s Gaius, or any of the additional varieties out there, such as the Colortrue Gaius. There are 286 adjectives, and a whopping 7,020 nouns! Of course, this list can be used for any type of Creatures world, particularly those in need of shorter names. It’s a neat little way to bring Star Wars into Creatures Docking Station! The Protective Tub agent is a wonderful way to let the game randomly name each newborn Creature from a customized list. May the Force be with you and all of your Creatures today! Enjoy!

Star Wars and the word “droid” are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. No copyright/trademark infringement is intended with this Creatures Docking Station add-on.

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