Star Wars and Creatures: Another Download!

The Protective Tub Star Wars Name ListMay the Fourth is unofficially Star Wars Day, and perhaps this morning’s release of the Protective Tub Robot Names List made for an exciting time in some C3/DS worlds! However, not every Creatures population can pull off such interesting names, which is why there is another naming list just for Star Wars fans! Actually, this one might be more appealing to anyone. It combines a list of Star Wars planet names with Star Wars species to create some rather interesting names. Star Wars fans might even get a few laughs out of some combinations!

Download the DS Protective Tub Star Wars Names List

A Unique Way to Name CreaturesThere are 2,592 planet names and 1,080 species to make for a ton of possible name combinations. Some names were omitted, due to extra punctuation or spaces. Remember that Docking Station catalogue files can easily be edited with a simple text editor, though, so feel free to add in any missing names! A special thanks to the Wookieepedia for the list of planets and list of species! All words have been kept to a reasonable limit, although many names may still be cut off within some areas of the user interface. Protective Tub is easily one of my new favorite agents, especially with the ease of customizing the possible names. Keep an eye out for more themed lists in the future… Or a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. No copyright/trademark infringement is intended with this Creatures Docking Station add-on, nor with the final silly statement of this post.

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